Music Hero Free Fighting Game (2017)

Music-based game which combines elements from rhythm games and fighting games.

  • Game Design Process

  • QA testing

Run San Fermin Run (2017)

Endless Runner game based on Kukuxumusu's World.

  • Game Design Process

  • QA testing

Candy Sudoku Space (2017)

Candy Crush-inspired sudoku-based game which replaces the numbers with colorful characters.

  • Game Design Process

  • Design of about 40 levels

  • QA testing

Moto Racing Pizza (2017)

Motorcycle racing game where we take the role of a pizza delivery boy.

  • Game Design Process

  • Level Design (All cities with their corresponding races)

  • QA testing

MMA Street Heroes (2017)

Street Fighter-inspired fighting game.

  • Game Design Process

  • QA testing


Hellborn: Dherek's Shadow (2018)

Prototype developed during the course in Aula Arcade. Made with Unity and Playmaker.

Outsight (2018 - 2019)

Platformer game in which you have to move forward by using 3D objects to get over puzzles and obstacles in the 2D World.

  • Game Design Process

  • Level Design


  • Semifinalist of the VI Edition of the PlayStation Talents Awards

  • Finalist of the II AEVI Assistance Program for the Innovation of Video Game Development in Spain


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